Monday, May 30, 2011

So Soft, So Silky, So Small

Abstract Pink Pleasure
from 4iPhoneWallpaper.

So Soft, So Silky, So Small
By Bethany Davis

I run my hands over your body,
So soft, so silky, so small,
My hands join me to you,
To your body, to your soul.
The darkness, the blackness of you,
So beautiful, petite, wonderful.
You move against my hands,
Touching me with your body,
While I touch you with my hands.
You soft back, your small hips,
You head so perfect in my hands.
You purr at my touch in joy,
Enjoying my hands as much,
As my hands enjoy your body.
I’m so thankful for you,
For your presence, for your love.
I adore you, my little cat.

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  1. Wowww your Post is very beautiful bethany :) I loved it your words are so soft and beautiful :-*

    thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us :-*