Friday, May 6, 2011

Naked for All to See

Image from Flashwear.

Naked for All to See
By Bethany Davis

I stand up before the crowd,
Naked for all to see.
No masks, no walls, no acts to hide,
The me that's really me.

I pull back the curtain,
Step inside,
Let water pour over me.
My naked body,
The water hot,
Flowing down over me.

Authentic me,
Shy but strong,
Me just being me.
I need not be,
What others want,
No act, no play, no games.

I run my hands,
Through my hair,
Shampoo rubbing in.
Silky soft, straight and fine,
My hair no one else.

All the eyes,
They stare at me,
I'm lost within their gaze.
But then I straighten,
Look away,
And come back to myself.

The bath puff,
Foam covered,
Smelling of peppermint.
I scrub my breasts,
I scrub my belly,
Dry skin coming off.

Still in myself,
My shyness strong,
I work to gather myself.
I straighten my back,
I set my shoulders,
And step forth full of me.

My naked body,
Cloaked in foam,
I step back under the flow.
Hot water flowing,
Washing all away,
Skin like silk below my touch.

I dance forth,
Lost in the dance,
The dance and I are one.
No eyes, no cheers, no awful boos,
It's me and me alone.

Cleansing water,
Like the blood of Christ,
Washes away what isn't me.
No masks, no walls, no acts to hide,
Naked for all to see.

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