Monday, May 9, 2011

In Praise of Lingerie

Image from Isolde Lingerie.

In Praise of Lingerie
By Bethany Davis

The texture, the colours,
The patterns, the bracing.
To look, to shop,
To buy, to wear.

I run my hands across the fabric,
Feel it between my fingers.
I put my legs through, pull it up,
Covering my body but not covering,
Hiding, yet revealing.
I pull the straps over my shoulders,
Close to my skin, holding me, embracing me,
Confidence and strength, sexy and beautiful,
I stand and gaze at my body.

I love the feel of stockings on my legs,
Containing me,
Making my legs look long.
Run my hands over my calf,
Feels so nice.
I love the looks of stockings on legs,
Sexy curves of calves and thighs,
Amplified, accented.
Her beautiful legs for my eyes to see.

My breasts contained,
The fabric falls,
Brushing my tummy as I move.
She can see me through the cloth.
Covering yet revealing,
Gentle, soft,
The babydoll falling around my hips.

I step into the teddy,
Pull it up,
Firm between my legs.
Wrapping my hips,
My sides,
My breasts,
Conforming to my form.

I pull the chemise over my head,
Down my body,
Over my breasts,
My back,
My sides,
Down over my hips.
Tight against me,
Hugging me tightly.
I run my hands down my side,
The fabric so nice under my touch,
My curves so nice under the cloth.

I clip the clips up as i go,
One, two, three, ten,
Clip, clip, clip,
With each clip, a little tighter.
With each clip, a little snugger.
The bustier tighens,
Holding my breasts,
Pushing them up,
Looking larger,
Looking fuller.
Holding my sides,
Pressing inward,
More curved,
More contained,
I stand a little straighter,
My back arced a bit more,
My tummy held in,
My breasts more prominent.
I’m confident,
I’m sexy,
I’m content.

The lacings up the back,
One loop at a time,
My breasts lifted,
My waist narrowed,
Hard to breathe for a moment,
Then I relax.
Tighter than a bustier,
I stand very straight.
I can’t slump.
It is different but it is good.
Nothing can stop me.
The ribs are my strength.
The corset compels me.

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