Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Flower Like No Other

Image from Teaching in Asia.

A Flower Like No Other
By Bethany Davis

There it is before me,
The most beautiful flower,
Fairer than all the others,
More beautiful than the rose in all it's glory,
More elegant than the fair lily,
More divine than the great lotus,
More pure than the innocent daily following the sun.
The flower of creation,
All stars,
All worlds,
It shines before me,
In all it's perfection,
Closed like a bud,
But waiting,
Waiting for me,
To open its outer pedals,
So strong and smooth,
To part the inner pedals,
So delicate and tender,
To lean in and drink,
Drink deep of the illicit nectar,
Sweet nectar,
Divine nectar,
The elixir of the gods.

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