Friday, May 6, 2011

Creation in a Point

Image from Hipnotherapy blog

Creation in a Point
By Bethany Davis

Water hot, body hotter, the heat within me soars.
The rush, the flow, the energy builds, the power within me grows.
My fingers part, soft peddles below, my flower opening up.
Gentle touch, skillful touch, a touch that's only mine.
Fingers move beneath the flow, hot water on my skin.
Slowly moving up and down, across the heart of me.
Gentle circles, rhythm building, my pulse begins to rush.
The heat, the pleasure, intimate waves, flowing all through me.
The ecstatic rush, Sex and Pleasure, the Goddess in myself.
The pleasure takes me, rushes through me, waves and waves divine.
It's me and her, but she is me, creation in a point.

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