Saturday, December 10, 2011

Safe Lesbian Sex

Because a lot of girls assume that "safe sex" is only necessary for sexual relations involving men (whether her with a man or two men), I wrote up the following in hopes it will be helpful for girls to realize that lesbian sex does have its dangers, and that it's important to take precautions.

Warning, a little graphic and descriptive

If you've both been test and/or have never slept with anyone else (neither my wife or ever have) and you're only with her, you're pretty safe, barring getting something from needles, blood transfusions, or a few other rare ways to get things.  Which is true for all types of relationships.  The best way to be safe is not to sleep around.  ;-)  But if you or her sleep with anyone else, or just to be safe, use a dental dam or something similar.  Obviously, pregnancy isn't a concern.  lol  But STDs always are.  Things like crabs can be spread with no contact to the genital area, just enough contact for them to crawl, sometimes not even contact in the same bed, though usually, they won't leave their body, the food source.  So if one of you have crabs or something similar, there really is no safe sex until they're gotten rid of.  Other STDs like herpes are spread through skin contact, but usually only when they're active, do if one of you have something like that, and there's a visible outbreak, don't have sex until it's gone.  Kiss, cuddle, give massages, enjoy each others' bodies, but keep your panties on and avoid that area.  :-)  Other STDs are spread by fluids.  It's rare to get a fluid born STD from oral sex, but it can happen.  And harder from genital touching like tribbing than it is from heterosexual or anal intercourse, but it can happen if fluids are mixing.  A dental dam holds the fluids in but allows the feeling of the tongue, lips, or rubbing, making oral sex and genital contact much safer.  Your fingers or toys or whatever are safe without it, as long as you don't get the fluids of one of you in the other, i.e., wash you fingers or toys or whatever before putting them in the other.  ;-)  And don't lick the fluids off!

If you're both 100% clean, you don't necessarily need these precautions, and they're not as much fun as not worrying about it.  But a night of fun isn't worth a lifetime of pain or worse.  And no method is 100% sure.  Nature has a funny way of finding her way around things.  I think she likes challenges.  The only 100% sure way is abstinence, but what fun is that?  Next best bet is one committed parter with neither of you cheating on the other and a closed relationship.  Which doesn't seem to work with those bi girls who want sex with both men and women (even if I was bi, for me it would be that I was attracted to both, not that I slept with both during the same time period, but I have no judgement for those that do).  A group of more than two can work the same way with commitment and a closed group, but every person added to the group increases the chances for the rest, hence one is safest, then two, and so on.  Next best bet is what I said above, "Kiss, cuddle, give massages, enjoy each others' bodies, but keep your panties on and avoid that area.  :-)"  Next best are what I said in the above paragraph.  If you take any of these options, you choose the final option, trust to Fate, God, G-d, the gods, Chance, or Nature that you don't catch anything.

Regardless of what you choose or do, remember, each person is responsible for their own actions.  You aren't responsible for what your partner did or didn't do, but you are for what you do or don't do.  If you don't protect yourself, you have only your self to blame.  And be honest and protect your partner.  If you catch something or have caught something, do what you can to protect her.  And if you don't know, get tested.  Don't be the cause of her pain and suffering or death, whether it's a one night stand, a short term relationship, or a lifetime commitment.


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