Sunday, April 17, 2011

Book Review: Purple Panties

Title: Purple Panties: An Anthology
Editor: Zane
Genre: Lesbian Erotic Anthology
Edition: Kindle
Published: 2008

"Zane, the New York Times bestselling author and Queen of Erotic Fiction, brings a new collection of lesbian erotica that will blow the sheets off beds everywhere.

What happens when "The Finest Man" you have ever laid eyes on is a woman? What happens when a woman comes home to her man after a hard day's work with "Lipstick on Her Collar?" What happens when a married woman runs across the love of her life -- another woman -- who insists that "It's All or Nothing?" Is there such a thing as playing too "Hard to Get?" What happens when "Mom's Night Out" turns into group sex? What happens when you discover your true sexuality "At Last?" All of these questions and more are answered within the pages of Purple Panties.

Written by women from all over the world, here is a new level of lesbian erotica, compiled by Zane, that promises the most exciting and steamy reading experience possible. These stories move beyond race, age, and all walks of life, including long-hidden passions, secret rendezvous with strangers, and May-December romances.

With Zane's ever-growing popularity, and the need for increasingly quality erotica, Purple Panties will satisfy a long-standing demand for African-American lesbian literature.

In the tradition of such successful erotica anthologies as Chocolate Flava and Caramel Flava, Purple Panties uncovers a new world of evocative risk-taking that has never been explored before from a lesbian perspective. The adventures in these stories are beyond everyone's wildest imaginations." Product Description

Thoughts: There was as much variety in this book as there were authors.  Variety in every way.  Some authors went into intimate detail about the sex, so crisp you could feel it, some left the details to the imagination and just led you there.  Some stories took you to climax, some just teased.  Some girls were black, some white.  Some rich, some poor.  Some femme, some butch.  But all of the stories were steamy and all of the girls were hot.

There were some very elegant parts, and some kind of cheesy.  I enjoyed them all, though some turned me on more than others.  Also, all the erotica, and most fiction, I had read before this were only white girls, not because that was the erotica I had chosen, but because I had never actually encountered erotica with black girls in them.  Many but not all of the girls in these stories were black, and some of the slang was unfamiliar to me, living my whole life in almost completely white towns in the Western United States.  Some of the descriptions on skin colours and nipple colours were so poetic.  The descriptions were very lovely.

I wouldn't say I was completely satisfied with every story, but by and large I enjoyed the book.  It was definitely worth reading, and I'd recommend it.  It has something for everyone, I think.  But be ready to get wet.


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